Silva Mino Twilite Headlamp
Silva Mino Twilite Headlamp

Hersteller: Silva

Pattern: Schwarz

Silva Mino Twilite headlamp gives you the perfect light for all day-to-day requirements. With Silva Mino Twilite you haev the option of choosing between a wide floodlight, a stronger light for distance, or a combination of both. The compact design makes this headlamp easy to store in a tool box, glove compartment, or any place you might have use for mobile light. Keep a Silva Mino headlamp with fresh batteries in any pleasure boat, caravan, tent or cabin. This lightweight headlamp can also make you more visible on your evening stroll — with three different light modes you’ll light up the street. Silva Mino is water resistant, so it can be used in harsh weather conditions.

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Höhe: 65mm
Gewicht: 85g
Akku-Typ: 3xAAA
Helligkeit: 25Lum
Leuchtweite: 22m
Betriebsdauer: 120h


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