CZ75 FM GBB Pistol KJW (KP-09)
CZ75 FM GBB Pistol KJW (KP-09)
CZ75 FM GBB Pistol KJW (KP-09)CZ75 FM GBB Pistol KJW (KP-09)


Manufacturer: KJW

Pattern: Black

FULL METAL Gas Blow Back CZ75 pistol made by KJW. Replica is made out of metal, is compact and gives realistic feel. Slide is removable just like on real weapon for maintenance.

Replica must be lubricated on a regular basis with silicon oil or spray to prevent damage on moving parts.

• FULL METAL compact replica
• 24BB rounds magazine
• 1 year warranty

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Length: 205mm
Weight: 950g
Operation: GBB (Gas Blow Back Gun)
Powered by: Airsoft Gas upto 15 Bars
Caliber: 6mm
Shooting Mode: Semiauto
Magazine Type: CZ75 KJW (KP-09)
Hop Up: Adjustable
Power: 0,8J (290fps/20°C/0,20g BB)
Range: 45m


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