MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)
MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)
MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)
MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)
MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)MP7 AEP Well FM (R-4)

Manufacturer: Well

Pattern: Black

FULL METAL MP7 AEP made by WELL with great production quality and realistic weight. Replica has retractable stock, metal folding sights and folding front grip. Package includes AEP battery with charger.

Heckler & Koch MP7 with it's dimensions is great for CQB - Close Quarters Battle and allows many addons to be mounted on it's Rail system there for is very popular with man NATO special forces such as GSG 9 and DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6).

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Length: 365-580mm
Weight: 2195g
Operation: AEP (Electric airsoft Pistol)
Gearbox: (Mac10/MP7/Vz.61)
Caliber: 6mm
Shooting Mode: Auto/Semiauto
Magazine Type: MP7 WELL
Battery Type: AEP 7,2V Micro
Hop Up: Adjustable
Power: 0,75J (280fps/0,20g BB)
Range: 40m


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