Tercel 1911 FM GBB
Tercel 1911 FM GBB
Tercel 1911 FM GBBTercel 1911 FM GBB
Tercel 1911 FM GBBTercel 1911 FM GBB
Tercel 1911 FM GBB


Pattern: Schwarz

Full Metal GBB Blow Back 1911 by Tercel with very heavy, tough and realistic feel. Replica is complete Tokyo Marui copy and is compatible with KJW parts and magazines. Metal slide stays in open/back position when replica is empty. Safety is on both sides of slide and also on pistol grip preventing it from firing when not in hand. Metal slide comes of like on real weapon enabling cleaning and maintenance. Gas goes in pistol magazine from bellow.

Replica must be lubricated on a regular basis with silicon oil or spray to prevent damage on moving parts.

• Full Metal replica
• 24BB magazine
• 1 year warranty

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Länge: 220mm
Gewicht: 915g
Betriebsart: GBB
Schussmittel: Airsoft Gas bis 15 Bar
Kaliber: 6mm
Shooting mode: Semiautomatisch
Magazin-Typ: 1911 Tercel/KJW/TM
Hop Up: Einstellbar
Power: 0,9J (300fps/20°C/0,20g BB)
Weite: 45m


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