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LiPo 11,1V 20C 1450mAh SD Battery Nuprol
LiPo 11,1V 20C 1450mAh SD Battery Nuprol

Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery. Provides 25C 36,25A continuous current and 50C 72,5A burst current. Battery has 2 outgoing wires, one for charging and one for use.

LiPo/LiFe batteries need special LiPo/LiFe charger/balancer that prevents damage or ignition. LiPo batteries must not be discharged completely so use of Voltage Tester/Alarm is recommended.

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Länge: 120mm
Höhe: 3x 5mm
Breite: 15mm
Kapacität: 1450mAh
Format: SD-3
Zellen: 3S
Spannung: 11,1V 25C


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