D6-9 Weapon Restrictions

Purchase of airguns, tendon weapons, paralyzers, pepper sprays and blank guns

Purchase of these weapons is allowed to adult individuals, legal entities and entrepreneurs without a special permit. For individuals you must be age 18 or above. You will need to identify yourself with a valid ID at the time of purchase. In case of an online order, you must send a clear scan or picture of both sides of your personal identification document (such as personal ID, passport) to our e-mail address info@maxairsoft.com along with your order number.

• D6 - air weapon: pistol, revolver, rifle in which the kinetic energy of the projectile at the mouth of the barrel is less than 20 J or the velocity of the projectile at the mouth of the barrel is less than 200 m / s
• D7 - Tendon weapons: bows, slingshots, slingshots and other devices which, with the aid of a taut tendon, spring or other propellant, launch arrows or other projectiles
• D8 - electric stun guns: not operating remotely by firing arrows or other similar projectiles - electro shocker, paralyzer
• D9 - nebulizers: devices that use compressed gas to disperse irritating substances that temporarily incapacitate a person (substances made from pepper, CN, CS, etc.)

Without all the necessary documents order will not be processed.

To purchase a product with full power (20J+ or 200m/s+) notification sheet is needed.