Open Box Products

"Open Box" are products that for various reasons are not in the condition in which they were as new. All products are in working condition with various defects and usable.

Depending on the defects, products marked "Open Box" are discounted to a certain level:

  • 5% or 10% are discounted products that have damaged packaging or minor cosmetic defects, scratches, abrasions, uneven or incorrect color, but all to the extent that the functionality of the product is the same as that of the new product.
  • 15% or 20% are discounted products with major beauty flaws, more scratches, abrasions. There are also products that are completely free of the original packaging.
  • 25% or 30% are discounted products that have been used for testing and are worn to such an extent that they are no longer fully equivalent to the new product. There are also products that were used or damaged and we repaired them at the service station and put them back on sale.
  • 35% or more, but here are all the other products that are working and useful but more severely damaged, worn, torn or we have otherwise determined that their value is reduced to such an extent that they are considered used products.

For all other information about the damaged product that interests you, please contact us by email
or phone
+386 5901 30 75.