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R-Hop Installation
R-Hop Installation

Professional installation of R-hop system, with setting and testing. R-Hop can be installed in used replica with existing barell and Hop-Up chamber, in used replica of a newly purchased parts, or in new replica. For best results with installation, delivery of complete replicas is recommended whose operation can be checked and properly set - with supply of parts without the whole replica that is not possible and there is no guarantee on performance.

For installing the R-hop system, it is necessary to purchase R-Hop bucking and Hop-Up bucking (Recommended: Hop Up Bucking 60 ° Blue Mad Bull, Hop Up Bucking Prometheus)

R-Hop is a system which improves the functioning of the Hop-up and increases the range of replica. For best results it is recommended to install R-hop on quality precision barrels (6,03mm, 6.01mm).

For optimal performance, additional services may be required (repair, upgrade, change of parts ..). If we detect any problems we will notice you and on the basis of advice we will then discuss the further procedures.

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