Mosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear Wired
Mosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear Wired
Mosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear WiredMosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear Wired
Mosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear WiredMosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear Wired
Mosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear WiredMosfet Gate Titan Drop-In Set Rear Wired

TITAN is GATE’s newest "Drop-In" AEG Control System for V2 Gearboxes and it works with up to 14.8V, 5000 mAh, 60C with 20 functions. It can be programmed with included Tactical Programming Card that provides you with very easy access or by USB-Link Adapter on computer. Thanks to the Pre-cocking and Smart Trigger functions. Another function is ROF Control, which allows you to reduce ROF, so you can use strong LiPo batteries, and still have ROF just like in a real rifle. If your AEG becomes jammed, the Smart Fuse protects the battery and the motor against damage. SUPER-EASY "PLUG&PLAY" INSTALLATION - NO SOLDERING REQUIRED!

• Protection against short-circuits: up to 1000A
• Incredibly low current consumption on stand-by: 0,2mA
• Ultra-low resistance: 2m?
• Dimensions: 56 x 20 x 9 mm
• Weight: 9,4g

Package Includes:
• Tactical Programming Card
• WARFET Power Module
• Tactical Programing Card
• USB adapter
• Mini Tamiya adapters
• Pair of Deans-T Connectors
• Single Trigger Wire
• Double Trigger Wire
• Quickstart Guide

NEW GENERATION MOSFET It targets the energy from the battery directly to the motor, bypassing the mechanical trigger contacts. As a result, you gain a higher rate of fire of the rifle and a faster trigger response, and the contacts are protected against burn out.

TACTICAL PROGRAMMING CARD The outstanding Tactical Programming Card provides you with very easy access to the AEG Controller settings.

PRE-COCKING Thanks to the PRE-COCKING, you gain a trigger reaction similar to a real gun. It allows for initial spring compression, which speeds up the trigger response significantly.

PLUG&PLAY Super-easy installation, just plug and play. No soldering required. All you need to do is connect the battery and the rifle to the AEG Controller.

PROGRAMMABLE BURST The burst enables you to shoot a pre-determined number of BBs (1-5 rounds), which is very useful in MILSLIM and when using low-caps.

3RD BURST Burst mode enables you to make 3-shot series. In this way you can save ammunition and increase the realism.

CONFIGURABLE FIRE SELECTOR The function gives you the option to program your fire selector. There are five modes (SEMI/AUTO/BUSRT)

RATE OF FIRE CONTROL This ensures there is no loss of the rifle’s rate of fire, so you can use stronger LiPo batteries, and still have ROF just like in a real gun.

SMART TRIGGER We know how vital the fast trigger response is during combat. This is why we have developed the Smart Trigger function. It enables you to achieve a faster trigger response. It works with the ROF Control system

"LOW BATTERY WARNING" When the battery voltage drops to a predefined level, the motor will vibrate at regular intervals. .

"SNIPER DELAY" It lets you to set delay between each SEMI shots to simulate the delay from reload or recoil (0.5s, 1s, 2s and 3s).

"AUG MODE" AUG Mode gives two trigger modes. Pulling the trigger slightly produces SEMI or BURST fire and pulling the trigger further produces BURST or AUTO fire (depending on the fire selector mode).

BATTERY PROTECTION Protection against Over-Discharge of the Battery

SMART FUSE A combination of current, voltage and temperature measurements makes your AEG installation highly reliable.

ACTIVE BRAKE In SEMI Mode, the brake does not allow for compressing a piston after a shot. The piston will stop in the front position which eliminates unnecessary stresses, increasing the service life of the gearbox and its parts.

COATING Thanks to its special conformal coating, it is resistant to atmospheric conditions (Military Specification MIL-V-173C).

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