Glock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol
Glock 19X 9x19mm PistolGlock 19X 9x19mm Pistol

Hersteller: Glock

Pattern: Dark Earth

Glock G19X Semi-Automatic Pistol of the Austrian produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H. is first "Crossover" version of one of the most famous, popular, safe and effective pistols of modern times. G19X is made on basic G17 model for all hand sizes with short slide and barrel from compact G19 making it ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations.

The Glock pistol is one of the first pistols with polymeric "plastic" frames, which for a long time was not popular among fans of "full metal" classics. It was made for the competition of the Austrian army and after the victory in 1982, it was accepted as the official weapon in the Austrian Army under the code P80, and is now used throughout the world for both armed/police forces as for civilian and sporting purposes.

Pistol is known for its simple, "modest", not very attractive in appearance design and is known as the "working gun" , easy to use with both bare hands and gloves. One of the main and most important features of Glock pistols is simple and long-term maintenance without any necessary tools.

Glock was the first pistol with Striker system that replaced classic hammer with a firing pin. It has a modified Browning barrel locking mechanism, a "safe action semi-double action" trigger system and three automatic safety mechanisms that enable safe wear. A double trigger prevents inadvertent movement of the trigger, the strike pin protector physically protects the primer on bullet and a special rear guard allows the striker system to be triggered only if the trigger is pressed all the way and prevents pistol from firing when in falls and vibrates. The pistol has a polygonal tube with a right-hand thread, which gives the fired rounds a specific ballistic characteristic. With a number of interchangeable back straps, the Glock can be adjusted to each hand, and on the underside there is a rail system that allows mounting tactical lasers and flashlights.

• Semi-Automatic Pistol
• "Crossover" of G17 and G19
• Tritij GNS Glow night sights
• New Ambidextrous design
• Nov smooth grip
• New GMB - Glock Marksmen Barrel
• New nPVD tougher finish on barrel and slide
• Striker system
• Triple "Safe Action System"
• Lower Rail System
• 1x 17 9x17mm round magazine capacity
• 2x 19 9x17mm round magazine capacity
• Plastic Pistol Case
• 1 year warranty

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Länge: 189mm
Lauflänge: 102mm
Höhe: 139mm
Gewicht: 704g
Kaliber: 9x19mm
Shooting mode: Semiautomatisch
Magazin-Typ: G17 Gen4/5
Typ: B1


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