Mad Bull Bio PLA Tracer 0,30g 2000pcs
Mad Bull Bio PLA Tracer 0,30g 2000pcs
Mad Bull Bio PLA Tracer 0,30g 2000pcs

Hersteller: Mad Bull

Mad Bull PLA Biodegradable Tracer BBs packed in jar of 2000 BBs. This BB's are suitable for all replicas.

Tracer illuminating BBs needs a light source that highlights them before the shot - a tracer Hop-Up unit or Tracer suppressor/silencer. The illumination of the balls in the magazine with the flashlight/lamp is temporary and thus suitable only for testing or immediate shooting as the illumination weakens.

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Gewicht: 0,30g
Kaliber: 6mm
Kvalität: Sehr Gut
Kapacität: 2000BB


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