E-Raz Grenade Orange Z-Parts
E-Raz Grenade Orange Z-Parts
E-Raz Grenade Orange Z-PartsE-Raz Grenade Orange Z-Parts

Gas Grenade with 100BB Capacity manufactured by Z-Parts is a great novelty in Airsoft that does not break up into more parts and can be filled in a few seconds! Approximately 100BB's are filled with BB loader trough the nozzle and gas is filled through the valve. On stronger impact grenade spins and shoots out BB's.

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Material: Plastic
Height: 90mm
Diameter: 55mm
Weight: 130g
Powered by: Airsoft Gas upto 15 Bars
Caliber: 6mm
Capacity: 100BB


The test of this product including all the measurements was made by us on a random product and is not copied from the package or any other website.