Mil-Tec Cap Light LED
Mil-Tec Cap Light LED
Mil-Tec Cap Light LEDMil-Tec Cap Light LED
Mil-Tec Cap Light LED

Hersteller: Mil-Tec

Pattern: Schwarz

Mil-Tec LED XPE and COB Cap Headlamp with option of wide illumination for close distances and brighter, narrower for longer distances with output up to 150 Lumen and 5h duration. Lamp is light with adjustable head angle and can be mounted on Molle system. Lamp works with 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

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Material: Plastic
Länge: 65mm
Höhe: 58mm
Breite: 78mm
Gewicht: 40g
Akku-Typ: 3 x AAA
Helligkeit: 150Lum / 80Lum
Betriebsdauer: 5h / 4h


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