About Us



Company: Max Airsoft d.o.o.
Headquarters: Opekarniska cesta 15D, 3000 Celje, Slovenia
Legal org. Form: Limited liability company
Registration Number: 3275272000
VAT ID: SI71369457
Activity code: G47.640 - Retail sale of sporting equipment in specialized stores
Basic activity: Airsoft, outdoor equipment, weapons and ammunition



Bank account SLO:
IBAN: SI56 1010 0004 4576 442 (BANKA INTESA SANPAOLO d.d.)

Bank account HR: (only for payments in Hr Kuna!)
IBAN: HR55 2340 0091 1700 1275 4 (PBZ d.d.)



Online Store MaxAirsoft is owned by Max Airsoft d.o.o. (d.o.o. stands for ltd. in Slovenia) with headquarters in Celje in Slovenia.

Our beginnings date back to 2005. Most of the company's employees have extensive experience with airsoft and also most of us are in major Slovenian airsoft clubs, where we have been accumulating experience for many years. To us airsoft is also a hobby in addition to it being our job, so we will always be able to give you a good advice on a purchase. We also offer many accessories for sport shooters, hunters, police, security services, scouts, and all who delight spending time in nature.

We endure to have the most extensive range and stock of items, so we can deliver you the products you need in the shortest possible time.

With every purchase you express your support for our work and each one of your purchases is a confirmation that we are doing good.