Purchase of Weapons and Ammunition


Purchase of airguns, tendon weapons, paralyzers and pepper sprays
Purchase of these weapons is allowed to adult individuals, legal entities and entrepreneurs without a special permit. You will need to identify yourself with a valid ID at the time of purchase. In case of an online order, you must send a clear scan or picture of both sides of your personal identification document (such as personal ID, passport) to our e-mail address.

• D6 - air weapon: pistol, revolver, rifle in which the kinetic energy of the projectile at the mouth of the barrel is less than 20 J or the velocity of the projectile at the mouth of the barrel is less than 200 m / s
• D7 - Tendon weapons: bows, slingshots, slingshots and other devices which, with the aid of a taut tendon, spring or other propellant, launch arrows or other projectiles
• D8 - electric stun guns: not operating remotely by firing arrows or other similar projectiles - electro shocker, paralyzer
• D9 - nebulizers: devices that use compressed gas to disperse irritating substances that temporarily incapacitate a person (substances made from pepper, CN, CS, etc.)


Purchase of firearms for foreigners
Foreigners who wishing to purchase weapons at our store (except for categories D6 to D9) must deliver the following papers and permits to our store:

• original copy of the permit for weapon purchase,
• 2A form (the form can be aquired at the local officials responsible for firearms dealing on the residential adress area of the customer),
• written confirmation of membership in a shooting or hunting organisation,
• At the time of purchase, the customer must identify himself with a valid ID.