Terms of Repair Service


* Terms and conditions apply to all services in the MaxAirsoft repair service. Conditions with price list of additional services are also available on the website www.maxairsoft.com.

* Repair of the products that do not qualify for the warranty are payable. Repairs with rejected warranty are also payable as well as any other services.

* After service is completed, we will contatct you to pick up your products at contact (tel. No., Email) that you left upon delivery or it will be returned to the desired address. If necessary or desired, you will be contacted during the procedure of service for additional informations.

* Repaired products must be picked up within a period of 6 months from the date when it is repaired. After this time products will no longer be maintained and will be recycled. We can choose to keep the product anyway but we will charge a storage fee in the amount of € 10 for every month after 6 months, when the product is in our store.

* If after the expiration of six months produst are still not picked up and we recycle it, you are not eligible for any compensation or refounds of any amount.

* Payment for repair services which are not covered by the guarantee, and used material is carried out at the reception in the store or upon delivery of the products by postal service.


* Serviced products can be if desired, send them by postal service. Shipment of product with warranty is free of charge, while shipment for other products is payable. Shipping is charged by pricelist from Postal Service of Slovenia (by the place of destination).

Prices for Slovenia (business package):

Prices for foreign destinations (international business package by destination country):

* When sending a products delivered to the store without suitable/proper package we charge packing, regardless of whether the product is or it is not under warranty. This is to ensure proper packaging and to prevent damaged during transport.

Packaging is charged according to the price list:
* Small package (all the products that go into Maxairsoft box) 2€
* Medium package (rifle replicas and similar larger products) 5€
* Large package (replica-type Barrett, M249 and a like, multiple replicas) 10€