Warranty on Products

All replicas of weapons (AEG, GBB, Spring) battery chargers, optics, dots, lights and lasers, which are purchased at our shop are covered by the warranty. Length of warranty is 12 months from purchase, unless otherwise specified. The basis for the implementation of the warranty repair or replacement is the invoice or warranty card.

We reserve the right to refuse repair on the warranty, if we see the following:

* Warranty seal has been removed
* Replica was open (this is especially true for gearbox)
* Replica has been modified (this is especially true for gearbox)
* Replica was being used in a manner not in accordance with its intended purpose.
* Replica was supplied by too high voltage causing an increase to intensity on the factory parts.

This warranty does not cover the following:

* Mechanical damage (scratches, fractures, wear of material, breaks of internal parts, etc.).
* Clogging of BBs in barrel becouse of use of low quality BBs
* Damage to those parts of gearbox that have not been installed in an authorized service
* Damage caused by ignorance of user
* Damage due to improper maintenance
* The natural wear of material, such as Hop-Up rubbers, motor brushes, various connections, seals, etc..
* Natural wear of material; moving parts in replicas, moving parts of guns, moving parts in gearbox, etc.
* Power of Nature

Gases, BBs, batteries, magazines, small items, internal parts and other supplies not covered under warranty.
All parts that are purchased and installed at our service center, have a 3 month warranty on the installation unless otherwise stated.
Consumed battery can be delivered to us and we will remove them in such a way that they will not harm the environment.
Buyer bears the cost of returning damaged goods to us and sending repaired goods back to him.
When returning goods the customer must ensure their proper protection so that they are not damaged during transport.